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Whether you’re a marathon runner or just starting your couch to 5k routine, you will want to pay attention to your running form.  We at Ridgeview Physical Therapy & Wellness Center will help you improve your performance, rehabilitate an injury, or just get started with a running program with an in-depth running analysis.

When you run, you jump from foot to foot. That’s a lot of shock for the body to absorb! Your hips, knees, and feet must work in synchrony to carry you through that 1 or 50 mile run without pain or injury. Though we often think of knee pain when we think of runners, you may have ankle pain, hip pain, or even back pain during or after your run. A running gait analysis, performed by a skilled physical therapist, can help you identify areas of weakness and improve your running form to improve endurance, reduce risk of injury, or rehab your current injury.

During a running gait analysis, your physical therapist will typically watch you walk and run on a treadmill. They will look at your foot strike, the way your knee flexes, and how your hips and trunk support your running. It is essential to understand your running form from head to toe.  You should plan to come with your typical running shoes and be ready to discuss what terrain you run, and what you are training for. The goal of your running analysis is to create a comprehensive strengthening and flexibility program to improve your running form from foot strike to arm swing, so you run faster, farther, or simply without pain—whatever your goals might be.

When should I have a running analysis?

  • You have pain when you run
  • You have pain after you run
  • You are just starting a running program
  • You can’t increase your speed or training distance
  • Running your normal speed/distance has become harder
  • You want to change the terrain, distance, or type of running you are doing

 A running gait analysis performed by a skilled physical therapist will help you target your training to the areas where you need it most—whether it is your quads or your hips or even your big toe, your evaluation and treatment will leave you with the tools needed to meet your goals. You don’t have to be in pain to come see us! Schedule your evaluation today—and remember those running shoes!


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