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Physical Therapy and Orthopaedic Rehabilitation in Bridgeville, Pennsylvania

Welcome to Ridgeview Physical Therapy & Wellness Center

 We are focused on the entire individual with patient specific care. We are looking to promote and preserve the health and well-being of the South Western Allegheny Counties with evidence based, comprehensive rehabilitation services for musculoskeletal injuries. Our product will be the highest level of clinical care available with a strong commitment to customer service and satisfaction. Moreover, we will strive to form integrated professional relationships with patients, family members, colleagues, physicians and members of the surrounding communities in order to create an entity that embraces physical health and wellness. Every aspect of our practice is guided by our values of integrity, respect and a commitment to excellence.

Our Services

Neck Pain relief

Neck pain is a very common complaint.  Actually, one in three people will experience neck pain this year. 

Back Pain & Sciatica

Back pain and sciatica are often related. Sciatica causes back pain, numbness and weakness that radiates along the sciatic nerve.

Knee Pain

Knee pain can prevent you from walking, running, or even getting out of a chair. We’re here to help you get back to living life! 

Foot & Ankle Pain

When your feet hurt, your whole body hurts. It seems like your foot is such a small component of your body, but this just isn’t the case. 

Patient Testimonials

We went to Heather to help my 9-year-old son with a growth plate issue in his knee. Heather spoke to him encouragingly and supported his physical needs. He dances ballet with a company, and Heather took his “growing pains” quite seriously, emphasizing that a balanced body will stay healthy for longer.

She gave him age-appropriate at-home exercises and made PT fun for a younger patient. I never had to force him to go because he loves Heather’s personality. We’d recommend Heather and Ridgeview to anyone, especially dancers.

Rachel E.

Caring, conscientious, honest, knowledgeable and unstoppable in helping her patients achieve success in their physical therapy. Heather has been invaluable to me as I have faced 2 not so successful knee replacements, she has gotten me to a point that I can walk comfortably.

Not sure about who to go to for your personal recovery after an injury or surgery, call Heather she will be up front with you on how she can help you, you won’t be disappointed!

Barb G.

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