Jaw Disorders (TMJ)

Whether you have a click in your jaw while chewing, discomfort while yawning, or stiffness in your jaw, TMJ can present itself in a variety of ways.  Temporomandibular joint dysfunction, also known as temporomandibular joint dysfunction syndrome and temporomandibular disorder (TMJ) is a term covering pain and dysfunction in the muscles of the jaw and the temporomandibular joints (the joints which connect the jaw to the skull  It can be the cause of pain in the jaw, teeth, neck, head and even shoulder.  A frequently overlooked treatment solution to TMJ is physical therapy and we at Ridgeview Physical Therapy & Wellness Center can help.

Common TMJ Symptoms:

  • Headaches
  • Upper neck pain
  • Lower jaw pain
  • Upper jaw pain
  • Pain in the joint where the jaw forms
  • Clicking or popping of jaw joint
  • Dislocated jaw
  • Displaced disc

When to come in for TMJ Treatment:

  • You jaw is sore shortly after or when chewing gum.
  • Experience a hissing sound in your ear.
  • Pain behind the eyes.
  • Have trouble eating due to limited mouth opening, or lock jaw.
  • Difficulty talking
  • Pain when yawning
  • Dizziness/Feeling of imbalance

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms or have been diagnosed with one of the conditions listed above, don’t suffer in silence, schedule an appointment to reduce your nagging jaw pain today.


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Heather is the best! I had issues with my hips and SI joints which were causing me terrible lower back pain and I was miserable! I lived for cortisone shots.

I was in so much pain the first time she saw me. I just wanted to be pain-free! I had gone to physical therapy in the past and it did nothing for me. The therapist would give me stim and heat and tell me to do some exercises and stretches. They would never put their hands on me to do any myofascial release.

With that said, I was hesitant to go again because I thought it would be a waste of my time. Boy, I am so glad I went!!! Heather has helped me tremendously!!! She is all hands on.

She assured me at my first visit that I would get better and to give it some time. She was right! Not only are my SI joints, lower back pain, and hips better, but there is a noticeable difference in my posture, my core is stronger, and I am much more balanced than I ever have been. I don’t have pain every day and am able to go weeks without therapy. I still have some work to do and will NEVER go to another therapist!

She is so knowledgeable and is continuously researching and learning new techniques. She has experience in myofascial release which is what I needed.

I haven't mentioned how friendly and accommodating she is when it comes to her patients. Her bedside manner is like no other! She treats her patients like family. I feel like I have known Heather forever and I’ve only known her for a short time.

At Ridgeview, if you are a germaphobe like me, you will be very comfortable. It’s very clean and the rooms are tidy and spic and span! If you are looking for the best, call Heather!!! I can guarantee you won’t be sorry!!!!

Darla C.
physical therapy Bridgeville PA

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